Janitorial Supplies

For all your Janitorial need Active cleaning will supply you at an affordable and reasonable price. We have built up excellent relationships with leading suppliers and distributors of high quality, low priced janitorial supplies. We offer the full range of janitorial supplies from standard supplies to luxury goods; and we manage the stock supply line to give you peace of mind. 

Not only do we source high grade products at economical prices from leading janitorial suppliers, but we also create an in-house stock management system to control and replenish your janitorial supplies. 


Some of janitorial products Active Cleaning may supply you:

Janitorial Supplies – Toilets

1. Toilet Roll  2.Sanitary dispensers

3. Seat Sanitiser  4. Toilet roll holder

5. Sanitary bin     6. Air Fresheners

7. Toilet brushes 8. Handwash soap

Janitorial Supplies – Washrooms

1. Hand cream 2. Anti bacterial soap

3. Hand Towel   4. Feminine hygiene

5.Paper towels  6.Soap dispensers

Janitorial Supplies – Kitchens

1.Dish Sponge 2.Dishwasher powder

3. Cloths           4.Tea Towels

5. Hand Towel  6.Washing liquid

7. Mats


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