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contract office cleaningOur relentless dedication to client satisfaction has helped us develop into one of Ireland’s largest office contract cleaning contractor on regular house cleaning, daily office cleaning, retail cleaning and general office cleaning is the core of our business. Response from some of our customers Taking proper care of your home by constant sparkling cleaning make you and members of your family feel real good and safe from some bacteria that may harm you. Our home cleaners and house cleaners in your area and surround provides you a quality contract cleaning that will make your premises sparkling and maintain to the highest level

  • PROPER CLEAN IS THE ONLY WAY TO ESTABLISH A HEALTHY BOTTOM LINE – For the same cost or less than your current commercial cleaning company, we can help keep your employees, members or customers healthy.

Our Customers First

It can be very hard to get trusted cleaners to clean in your property when looking for cleaners. We recognise this challenge, that’s why we make sure all the appropriate background of our cleaners are checked to date, so that your safety is guarantee. We continue on regular vetting and strong communicate between Active cleaners and client to reassure no vacuum of trust and efficiency. Our reputation as cleaning business contractor cleaners in Dublin and across Ireland is important to us. Just as the safety and security of you, your family and your home.

Learn How to Clean Wooden Floors in Homes Office or any property

Wooden flooring is a great way to maintain in any property choice in heavy traffic rooms. Whether at home or at the office, The wooden floors are stylish, functional, and durable materials. Most wood are subject to wear and tear, but when you know how to clean and maintain floors correctly. You will enjoy it for a very long years

Wooden Tools to avoid and needed

For you to keep your wooden floor looking great and excellently clean. You need to use the right tools that are gentle and strong enough to clean thoroughly. Do not use steam mops, as they will damage and warp your flooring. Never use steel on wool or anything that is similarly abrasive, doing this will end up scratching the wooden floor, do not use mops full of water or mixtures of soap and water, as this tool can cause warping, particularly to the floor joists when the moisture gets inside and between. Never use buffers or floor polishers, as this is too strong, heavy enough to cause damage as well. The best wooden floor cleaning, use the hard floor attachment on your vacuum or mop. You can also use brush, broom with soft bristles..

How to Clean Wood/Laminate Floors

Once there is spill on your laminate wood floors, wipe the area immediately with a damp cloth, never let messes settle for too long, as the moisture will damage your flooring. The tough messes like paint, mud, grease, lipstick, inks, coffee or oil, use a small amount of nail polish remover and clean with microfiber cloth. Once you’ve scrubbed t, use a damp mop, wet with a very small amount of hot water, to wipe the area. If there is sticky on your floor, like candle wax or gum, you will need to freeze the stains before you try to remove it. Once the wax or gum is frozen, gently use a plastic knife to pry the item off the floor and wipe the surface with a damp cloth afterwards.

Cleaning Products

It is excellent to dry clean your laminate wooden floors, select your cleaning products wisely. Don’t use waxes or polishes that you’d use on hard floor types like stones etc. Also, don’t fill up the mop bucket with floor cleaner. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners or anything containing bleach as this could ruining your floor Clean your floor by using commercial cleaning products developed specifically for laminate floors. The materials help you maintain your shiny floors. To get a great result cleaning, use a small amount of water and vinegar. Use a damp mop, spritzed with this gentle mixture, to clean any debris off the floors. This is a good mixture to use if you’ve got grease on the floor, which can accumulate in the kitchen.

Protect Your Wooden Floors

Floor can be avoided from scratches by placing floor protectors on the feet of any furniture that will rest on the floor. This is a small but highly effective investment that will protect your floors from unexpected damage.

What makes Active Cleaning trusted above other cleaning service providers? When you combine higher standards, smarter strategies and superior quality all in one package, the result is top notch.
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